I’m David Kastle and I’m here to help.

I’m a coffee lifer. Growing up in Berkeley, my first coffee experiences were in a home where the kitchen was stocked with a Melitta dripper, press pots, a moka pot, various espresso machines, and most memorably, the Brevetti Robbiati Atomic (which, true to it’s name, detonated on the stove one morning). My father would drag me around San Francisco to buy coffee, and sometimes (when she wanted to test the smoke alarm) my mother would roast coffee on the stovetop. Coffee is a core component of my being.   
My first job with a paycheck (instead of a crumpled $10 bill) had me pulling shots on a 3-group lever machine using canned Italian beans. Things got better. I’ve built out and managed cafes, spent a lot of years as a coffee trader and co-founded a importing company, know more about decaf than most, am an SCA instructor (roasting, sample roasting, decaf) and subject matter expert (decaf again), have ~ 20k sample roasts under my belt, and take a strange pleasure in making numbers get along.
Based in Seattle and ready to work for you onsite or remotely!